Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bad teacher

This morning I allowed my 3rd grade readers to re watch some of their readers theater we'd video taped and put on our website. Excited to see themselves on film they began laughing hysterically.

I, of course, have a head cold which is causing me to be grouchy and irritable.

Have you ever been irritable while listening to 9 and 10 year olds laugh hysterically? Like fingernails on a chalk board.

And so I launched into a lecture "If your teacher hears you laughing like this she will not let you come back to read with me in the morning! You need to calm your body down and stop laughing, or no more reading!"

I delivered this evil lecture in the hallway, where at least 4 other teachers heard me, and in turn, burst out laughing.

I was telling children they couldn't read if they laughed.

I am the most evil teacher ever.

I need a nap.

~~ ~~ ~~
On the other hand, I just overheard my partner-in-crime reading The Cat in the Hat. Fabulous friend screeched with horror at everything the Cat did wrong, yelling exactly what he should have done "turn off that water!" and announced "Bad Cat!"
I love fabulous friend.


Anonymous said...

You need to take better care of yourself. Do you take vitamins?
You are sick far too often.
No job, teacher or otherwise, is worth constant illness, recovery, reinfection, over and over again!phyp

Anonymous said...

If your illnesses are frequently headcolds, as they appear to be, I would recommend getting a neti pot. They are small, teapot-shaped pots of plastic or ceramic, which one fills with warm salt water.

Once a day, you use the neti pot to pour this saline solution through your nostrils and sinuses; the salt scrubs the attachment points of the mucus away, and the warm water kills the colonies of bacteria. It feels VERY strange, but I haven't been sick at all this winter because of it; in fact I haven't been sick at all in the year and a half I've used it.