Thursday, March 18, 2010

hanging on to moments by a thread

Ironic that my last post was titled "I love my job". Today was one of those days that just makes me question why I'm here- what am I doing? Why am I working so hard for kids that aren't mine? Perhaps the time change has left me with less sleep, and ala less energy, but today I felt done. An incident happened earlier this week that just left me frustrated and lost. Why again, do I put in the extra hours?

But then, there are those overheard conversations that might not make it all worth it, but at least keep me smiling while I work.

Overheard in the library during a 5th grade class:

5th grader: Dude, you have to come over and check out the smoke machine for the party!

me and the librarian (simultaneously) SMOKE MACHINE?!? What party are you having that you need a smoke machine?

5th grade boy: Just a party. With a smoke machine.

Us: What party are you possibly having that you needed to buy a smoke machine for??

5th grade boy: No, it's not like that. I already have the smoke machine. My dad's a DJ. You have to pay for the party- $5 for boys, girls get in free. For high schoolers. We have flyers.

Us: Why are YOU going to a party for high schoolers??

Him: because I'M the DJ.

Me: You're the DJ. So, like, can we hire you for weddings and stuff?

Him, very serious: No, I'm not a professional.

** ** **
My Story Teller at the end of the day:

OH! Mrs. Lipstick- did you hear the news? We're going on a trip! A field trip! Will you come with us?

Me: Of course, I'd love to come with you!

Story teller- Wonderful! And you'll wear your other glasses. The ones with the dark inside. The ones you wore in kindergarten on our field trip.

Me: My sun glasses?

Story Teller: Oh! Your sun glasses! I love your sun glasses. I love field trips, AND your sun glasses.

*** *** ***
Morning Reading Club:
3rd grade boy: Man, tomorrow's Friday. I hate Friday.

Me: Why? who hates Fridays?

Him: Because it's the last day of school and I can't come to school on the weekend.

*that was heart warming, except when we remember what's happening at his home, and just why he loves school so much...


Jill Fisch said...

Hang in there. We need excellent teachers like you.

Vagabond Teacher said...

You've gotta love the things kids associate with you. I had a kid tell me I was a good teacher because of my "orange hair."