Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Toilets in Kindergarten (Or, what's really important?)


"I'm five years old. I'm going to kindergarten. They have automatic flush toilets."

I couldn't tell if this was said with apprehension or excitement, but either way, it's a good reminder that what we focus on as adults may not always be what our younger friends see as important. I'm sure this boy's mommy is more concerned with his academics, whether he listens to his teacher, or whether or not he has friends in September. Her son, however, is spending his summer informing random strangers of the toilet flush situation at his soon-to-be-educational setting.

(Parent/teacher tip: those sensors can be covered up. I carry sticky-notes in the diaper bag for my noise-sensitive three year old, and when I had my own classroom I taped paper over the sensor to calm down my friends with autism. For those of you with rising kinders I would recommend finding out about the flush situation if it is an issue for your child and doing some proactive teaching. Kids can learn to cover it with toilet paper or their own sticky-notes, which at least gives them some sort of control over the angry-toilet gods.)


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