Friday, March 6, 2015

The (Repetitive) Five Types of Snow Day Play

Oh dear Lord of all that is good- we are on our tenth snow day. 
Ten. Days. Of. Snow.
I'm worried I am going to go stark raving mad. Or maybe I'm already there.

I've determined there are five types of snowday play in my house. 

1) The Mommy is CruiseDirector play- where I come up with engaging, creative, and meaningful activities that require lots of materials, prep, and clean up. The actual activity lasts about fifteen minutes. I spend the rest of my day posting pictures of these activities on social media, making it look like the fifteen minutes of fun was actually three hours. 

2) The 'Let's see if we can get out all the toys' play. This rarely involves actual play, just a lot of throwing all the toys around the room, taking the couch cushions off, and dumping baskets of books on the floor. 

3) The Repeated Play-Scheme Play- where we act out one scenario over and over and over and over again. The current favorite with my three year old is "coronation day!" where we pretend to be Ana and Elsa, lay down on pillows, say goodnight, then wake up, yell, "it's coronation day!" stand up, run around the room and then go back to sleep on the cushions to do it all over again. I try to tell myself this is my cardio for the day. Sometimes I refuse to get up. Those cushions are just too comfy. This usually ends up with Elsa yelling at me, but it's her snow that got us into this mess so I don't really care about her opinion.

4) The "Mommy, can I crawl back into the womb" play- where both girls fight to see how much of me they can take for themselves at the expense of their sister. This is particularly fun for me when I need to go to the bathroom. It also involves lots of yelling and crying. 

5) The "Mommy is done" play- which involves Netflix, opening presents I didn't give them at Christmas, or just ignoring the fact they are pulling all the tissues out of the box because it is giving me ten silent minutes. The mommy guilt from this one may be what drives the wine intake in the evening. 

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Anonymous said...

I just laughed so hard that my husband is now staring at me with a worried look. You described my day perfectly!