Monday, February 3, 2014

"I work independently!"

Last week I blogged about my excitement of trying out video self-modeling with a few of my third graders. At the time I hadn't even started yet and was just trying to get my ideas in order.

I managed to edit a few videos and show one to one of my students last week. As we sat down in the hallway outside her classroom to watch the video I found myself getting chills at just how intense she became as she watched the video.

On the first watch she leaned closely in, "That's me?" she'd ask as she'd read the labels on the screen (Mary works independently, Mary sits quietly). Then she'd turn towards me, her eyes wide with excitement and say, "I work INDEPENDENTLY! Look, all by myself!"

When the two minute video ended she asked to watch it again, and then again. Each time she labeled what she was doing well in the video- I tried my best to sit quietly and let the video speak for itself. Without any talking on my part she was able to see what she was doing well, and even added to it. "Look, I'm sitting criss-cross apple sauce and not talking to my friend" she pointed out at one viewing.

As teachers started to walk down the hall she called them over to see her video. For each teacher she'd once again label her behaviors and then explain to them in a very serious voice what she was doing well.

I've only dipped my toe into the video self-modeling water but I am excited to see where it takes me from here. If this is the beginning I have big hopes for where it can go.

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