Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ahhhh, Florida

On Tuesday morning, while they were calling for a DC size snow storm in the metro area, my team and I raced to the airport, hopped a plane and managed to escape the city before a flake fell. When we landed it was 68 degrees, sunny, and the minute we left the airport we could smell the Florida sunshine and the ocean air. Later that afternoon, with my feet in the sand I talked to my two year old on the phone about her very first sledding experience. My team and I clearly made the right choice.

We are in Clearwater, Florida for the 15th annual Conference on Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Delays. Tomorrow we are presenting our action research on using guided reading principles with students with intellectual disabilities and today I am in full conference mode- ready to geek out at the litany of topics about teaching students with low incidence disabilities. Just reading the program guide gave me a high. 

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