Thursday, January 31, 2013

more ice cream please

We had our lockdown drill today. After everything that happened in Sandy Hook I promised myself that I would never again complain about a lockdown drill. Practice is what will keep us safe.

But I can acknowledge the importance of doing something while simultaneously acknowledging how painful it is. Like going to the dentist. Paying taxes. Or taking away goldfish crackers from my daughter before dinner.

When I was a gen ed teacher lockdowns were tough. When I was a special ed teacher supporting kids in the general education classroom lockdowns were tougher. Now that I teach a self contained class they are really pretty awful.

The kids did great, all things considered. Any changes in routine are tough for us, not to mention the fact that we just introduced a new friend into our family. We are far from our A game without the lockdown.

We survived, we cheered when it was over, and we hope we never have to do it again this year.

I understand the importance of it, but like a painful dentist appointment I feel like I deserve a large bowl of ice cream for surviving.

And I thank the teacher gods that I don't work here. 

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