Thursday, January 17, 2013

All in a Day

I arrived at school this morning to have my coworker hand me this article. It is amazing. Preview- it's about a teacher who doesn't like kids.

It was clearly the right type of humor to start my day so that I was able to find amusement in the little things.

~~  ~~
Me: Friend, we need to clean the tables. Go get a wet paper towel.

2 minutes later

Me: Friend, where is the paper towel? I asked you to get a wet paper towel. 

Friend: I did. *looks at the trash*

Sure enough, there is a wet paper towel sitting in the trash can. She followed directions- she got the paper towel and wet it. She did exactly what I told her to do.

Me: *deep sigh*

~~  ~~
Me: Wear your pajamas inside out tonight so that it will snow!

Friend 2: Hooray! Wait, oh no, I don't wear pajamas.

Me: What do you wear?
Friend: Ummmm.....  not pajamas. How will it snow?

Me: Well, wear your clothes inside out.

Friend: I don't wear clothes.

Me: Wear your jammies inside out.

Friend: Oh! Jammies! I wear those.

~~  ~~
It's the little things during the day that make me giggle. 


Julia said...

I asked my class (of 3 year olds) to clean up the house corner this afternoon- there were dress-up clothes and "cooking" related things everywhere. They announced that it was clean,so I went over to inspect... All the dishes and pans were piled up in the stupid little plastic sink! Must be what happens at home when mom and dad clean up after supper.

organized chaos said...

Mine do the same thing! It is ridiculous- and yet, makes perfect sense.