Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Singing!

My morning started with the deep sense of dread- a quick check of my email let me know that BOTH of my aides would be out. The mere thought gave me such an intense headache that I considered staying home myself. Maybe the school would call my families and tell them to just stay home. 

Prepared for the worst I sulked into school, wondering how on earth I was going to make it with two subs in the room. My kids don't do well with changes in our routine- what would this do to us?

My only solution- the solution I come up with whenever I'm at a loss of what to do in the classroom- is MORE SINGING.

So, it's all we did. All day. Sing. And dance. And sing some more.

We sang rock ABC songs. We sang calming ABC songs. We sang about the days of the week- maybe three or four times. We sang about money. We sang to count by tens. We even sang about the gingerbread man.

It turned out to be my favorite day all year. My kids ROCK. 

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Suzanne G. said...

Might I suggest you invest in a book by Mary Joyce "First steps in teaching creative dance to children." It's really a wonderful resource that I use all the time. It's also idiot-proof as it has scripted language. Special needs children tend to need loads of physical activity to organize their nervous system and think straight. The cool thing about the Mary Joyce activities is that both gifted and special needs children are challenged and excited by the activities.

For music I like to use instrumental pieces from movie sound tracks, jazz pieces, ambient music, new age stuff that is mostly beat and atmosphere, and classical music. If you need more ideas in this area, let me know.