Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is that what you think strawberry smells like?

Dear Expo Marker Makers,
I normally love your products. The way the marker gently glides across a clean white board, leaving a bright, bold letter behind. The satisfying click the top makes when I remove it in preparation to write. The bright colors that stand out across the room so that all my students can see.
Really, I have few complaints.
Until now.
Why, oh why, did you make scented markers?
You have no idea the distress I feel when I grab a marker, pull off the top in the excitement of writing for my students and am suddenly hit with the strong scent of strawberry or blueberry or whatever it is you imagine those colors to smell like.
I can't remember what I am writing. I hold my nose. I try not to breath in.
The children scoot closer to me wanting to smell whatever is radiating from the marker. When it is their turn to use the markers I find little blue and red marks on their noses. I hate to think about the germs being spread nose to nose as they are getting high from expo marker sniffing.

Why, oh, why did you decide to make my life harder? Isn't teaching hard enough?

Mrs. Lipstick


Anonymous said...

You are darn right about this one!
And why would my school district purchase smelly art markers either?!?!?

molly said...

oh dear. white board markers are hard enough...i can't imagine if they smelled too!