Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I put myself in time out today.

It wasn't pretty. I looked like Trixie in Knuffle Bunny when she can't communicate to her parents that she left her bunny in the washing machine (spoiler alert) and she's pissed because OH MY GOSH how is her father actually not realizing that they left the laundry mat without her special bunny?? Now that my own life is ruled by a "anda" (or panda for those of you who prounce your p's, I honestly don't understand. If you want happiness you immedietely check for 'anda.

Anyway. Yes, I had my own hissy fit.

The best part was that I managed to record it.

I was excited all weekend about finally starting voice thread with my kiddos. I've had it all loaded and ready to go all weekend, just ready for us to retell Mrs. Wishy Washy with all of our excitement. So I gathered everyone at the table, pulled up voice thread and hit record. Or hit what turned out to be 'please record in exactly 90 seconds'. So by the time it actually started recording us it caught"

GRRRRRR  I am SO ANGRY at this computer! What is WRONG with it?

In the midst of my outburst (remember- in front of all my kiddos) voice thread decided to start playing back what I'd recorded. Out of nowhere I hear, "GRRRRR I am SO ANGRY..."

We all fell silent listening to me yell at the computer. I felt their big eyes staring at me, wondering what had happened to their teacher. And so, I realized there was only one answer.

I marched myself to the thinking spot and had them coach me through getting myself back together. What do I do next? Deep breaths? OK. Here I go.

If I'm honest, I needed that break. I needed to take those breaths and calm my body before I did something crazy like throw my computer across the room. There are moments when it is wonderful to be in a place where it is completely socially acceptable to put oneself in time out in order to calm down. Perhaps I should do this more often. Like when I'm getting a list of all the mandated testing required for the month.

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