Saturday, May 7, 2011

kick kick

One of my little ones hugged me yesterday and then loudly announced to the class that she heard the baby kick. This is not true. The baby did not kick when she hugged me. I don't think she heard anything. But after her announcement, now all the little girls are convinced that if they keep their hands on my belly they will feel (or hear?) a kick. None of them believe the "baby's sleeping" story anymore since I'd just given it to the little one who claimed the kick.

I've never been so close to outright calling a child a liar in my life. I can't walk through the classroom without a little hand reaching up and grabbing my belly.


Clix said...

It would have been SOOO tempting for me to say, "No, honey, that wasn't the baby. I just farted."


PamelaTrounstine said...

Or... "that was my tummy grumbling."

I suppose this is perhaps a ripe opportunity to talk about personal space, and places that are comfortable for most people to touch, like shoulders, and backs, etc. vs. bellies. Good luck!