Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello baby

Last week I explained the reason for my growing belly to one of my kindergarten classes. No one had asked about it yet, but I figured that for my ego a preemptive strike was necessary. They are thrilled, fascinated, and a bit confused on timelines.

I told them on Thursday and on Friday they all asked me if I remembered I was having a baby, or if I'd had the baby the night before. It's funny how many of them were worried that I may have forgotten the baby... some seemed truly concerned. I liked the shy little boy who whispered, "hey, don't forget your baby" as he came into the classroom in the morning, and the one with limited English who drew me a picture of me and the baby, brought it to me and repeatedly pointed to my belly and then back to the picture as though he was explaining to me what was going on inside me. His mother had a baby earlier this year so I suppose he felt that he was sharing some expert advice with me.

Today though the kids hit a whole new level. After not seeing me for the whole weekend they were thrilled to see my belly Monday morning. Not me, my belly. They each asked to hug my baby, or didn't ask and just patted my belly, said hello baby, and talked directly into my stomach. One little boy nestled his face against my belly to get closer to the baby. I suppose I should get use to having people address the baby and not me when I enter a room, I just expected it would start once the baby was actually out of my belly.


Jenny said...

I only ever taught in the upper grades when I was pregnant. It was never that much fun! I just love the excitement about everything that is in the primary grades.

Unlimited said...

I had some very affectionate fourth graders who would address my belly often. Also - I had a teacher scold my class by saying "Those babies in that belly can not hear this type of arguing and bad behavior!"

And it sounds like your non-existence has begun. It's no longer you walking into a room - it's the baby :) Enjoy.

teachermum said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. One of my favourites was when a little girl put her ear on my tummy so she could check if my baby was crying.
I also had my son wrap my enormous belly up in a blanket so the baby could be warm.
Thanks for your brings back some nice memories.