Thursday, March 3, 2011

drama, drama

The kindergarten class where I spend most of my time is 5 going on 15. They are obsessed with Justin Beber, Hannah Montanna, boys, dating, and anything that makes them teenage-like.  It's really pretty sad.

However, apparently in the midst of all their teenage drama no one bothered to tell them that before you can become a teenager your baby teeth will fall out.

Today wasn't even our first lost tooth, but for whatever reason this one shocked everyone. The tooth-loser was in tears and many of the other girls in the class, and some of the boys, were in a panic.
"She LOST her tooth" I overheard as I was trying to focus on my reading group.
"It just FELL OUT."
"That is SO GROSS"
"I'm going to be sick"
"Oh my God, what if that happens to me?"
Squeals, shrieks, drama.
They were even MORE horrified when I gently told them that it was normal and that yes, every one of them would be losing his/her teeth in the upcoming year. The only one not upset was a little boy who doesn't speak English. He clearly knew what was going on and tried to explain to everyone by acting out someone tying a string to his tooth and then slamming the door. He seemed annoyed that no one understood his miming and that I wasn't taking the time to explain it to them.


Sarah said...

Too funny!! Not so grown up after all.... :)

magpie said...

That door slam method is a dentists' nightmare.

Acording to my brother who is a dentist,It works 95% of the time.

That's about 1 child in 20 slams which potentially risks serious gum damage. Thankfully a lot of children get told to put up with the wobbly tooth ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

Don't these children have older siblings? cousins? neighbors? or are they really aware of the life history of a tooth and are pretending not to for the fun of the drama? Yikes -- when I taught first grade I simply had a store of envelopes so kids could take their teeth home; there was no conversation about it, they just walked up to my desk to get the envelope.