Thursday, October 7, 2010

the power of pixie

Today reading centers were going along swimmingly. PJ was working hard at the browsing box center enjoying an entire bucket of books filled with Gerald and Piggy excitement. Across the classroom two sets of children were re-telling Knuffle Bunny on felt boards with my partner-in-crime and I was an leading interactive writing group. One table sat coloring their song books, a printed version of the purple song we've been singing all week.

Pixie, who loves singing, knew she was coloring a song book but couldn't remember the words to this particular song. Or perhaps she couldn't remember what song it was, but she knew it was a song. So she started singing what popped into her head.

Which happened to be Lady Gaga. Bad Romance.

The song was clearly so catchy that the rest of the class joined it, humming or singing under their breaths. The laughter of Piggy and Gerald quickly fell away to Lady Gaga. Somehow my children listening for the /b/ sound in bag started humming /b/ along with the tune (bah, bah, b, b, b). The entire classroom was in spontaneous song, which would have been lovely had it been something appropriate.

And, of course, for the rest of the day I've been humming it myself.

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magpie said...

That is exactly the time a parent usually strolls into the classroom.
You have to reassure that they don't pay attention to lyrics...Just rhythm ♫♫♫ and melody ♫♫♫