Thursday, October 14, 2010

I do love my job!

This afternoon I feel like Dorothy clicking her heels together saying "There's no place like home!" 

I do love my job, I do love my job, I do love my job!- it just took a few weeks to remember why...

The dreariness of this morning was soon overtaken by the excited nature of kindergartens.  PJ and I sat side by side and read "Pigs Make Me Sneeze" by Mo Willems. He did all the sound effects, acted out every sneeze and facial gesture, and giggled through Gerald's terrible fears that he was allergic to his best friend.

I love my job.

Pixie and I worked on three of the letters in her name by bowling for them today, and any time with Pixie is always an adventure.

I sat with another friend to begin guided reading and felt myself giddy as I watched him fill with pride for his reading skills- he carefully examined the first letter of each word, checked the picture and then said the word to be sure he was right- everything we want beginning readers to do. "Silly pig" he laughed as we read about Gilbert the Pig rolling in the mud.

I love my job.

I sat in writing workshop and listened to one little boy seriously tell me his story over and over again (something we've taught them to do) using expression and details.  My friend who last year drew nothing but squiggles drew pictures and labeled them "Baby play" she said, distinctly.  Then repeated it for me later. "Baby play".  She leaned up against me and giggled, telling me her story in her limited speech, over and over, just like she was a typically developing student.

I love my job.

This afternoon my partner in crime and I headed over to Amazing's house to hear about her new adventures in first grade at her new school. We listened as she regailed us of the crazy tales of Amelia Badelia and those antics she pulls all the time, and giggled right along with her at how she dressed the turkey and drew the drapes. Amazing loves her new school, is sitting up straighter, speaking louder, and is 100% a grown-up first grader now. It was wonderful to see how she's grown and changed. I hope we'll keep in touch with her for a long time.

Our awesome assistant principal did have PJ with her for a good 3/4 of the day, which may have played a part in the ease and delight of the day, but nonetheless, for a rainy day it turned into exactly what I needed to remember why I teach.  I really do have the best job in the world.

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magpie said...

You're a Saint.
Mary MacKillop eat your heart out.
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