Sunday, May 9, 2010


Amazing is moving. We're thrilled for her family, whose found a bigger house that will meet Amazing's needs. We're devastated for us. Rarely do you get to teach such an amazing child- someone with such determination to learn and excel despite all the obstacles the world has put in front of her. I've never seen a five year old work so hard at anything- whether it is cleaning up materials, participating in whole-group lessons, or completing her work independently.

The other day she drove her power wheel chair up to the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom and began slowly banging away at it with her hand. I hate the paper towel dispensers at our school- it's a constant battle for someone with typical mobility in their hands/arms to be able to rescue the tiniest piece of paper from the mammoth box. It typically requires quite a bit of banging on the lever before you begin to see the hint of brown paper coming down toward you. Then you are required to grab it with both hands and pull- hoping that you'll pull 5 inches of towel out, instead of just ripping off the small piece you're able to see. Most 5 year olds don't waste their time and just dry their hands on their pants (actually, many teachers do this too).

Not Amazing. I watched as she carefully banged away, determined to get the paper herself. As she pulled and ripped- all by herself, her smile beamed with pride. "Here," she exclaimed, "I got this for you" she said to her aid, as though she was holding a gold medal. She was able to give something to the aid who normally gives everything to her. She helped herself to another towel, and clutched it as she drove the chair out of the bathroom. Pure pride.

I can't believe we wont be able to watch such an amazing girl grow up at our school. I want to watch her learn about worms and plants in first grade, double digit addition and subtraction in second grade, and Virginia history in 4th grade. If someone has that much determination to get a paper towel, what can't she do?

I hope we can stay in touch with her mother so we can follow her success throughout her life.

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