Saturday, January 24, 2009

loving and leaving our presidents

i called a kindergartner over to ask him to read the letter he'd written to me, because i was confused by what it appeared to say. but no, it said what i thought it said.

"dear mrs. lipstick, i love you. i am bringing you obama. love, t."

his version of dedicated love is bringing me the new president.

** ** **
it sounds as though i've been encouraging them about the president so much they feel they have to give him to me- but i swear i haven't. i don't think they fully know what's going on, but they did watch tv on tuesday (it was boring! they keep saying, but we saw obama on tv!) so we're just letting them talk about events through their eyes.

i even had a conversation with a kindergartner who thought it was really sad when george bush had to leave in his helicopter. "why'd they make him go? that was sad. that's his home"
in an immigrant-five-year-old's world it appeared that george bush was just evicted from his home and was being forced by the military to return to his original home, which is of course, what our families live in fear of everyday.

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