Saturday, January 24, 2009

i love twitter

on tuesday i randomly twittered: hope the kids at the first-kid movie party have the day off tomorrow. they'll drive their teachers crazy w their exhausted excitement from twitterrific

thinking about those poor teachers at sydwell-friends who would have to deal with the post white-house excitement when they are trying to teach math. (actually, wow, as the teacher i would have begged to be invited. can you imagine your students having that kind of educational experience??? you don't get more 'original-source' than that- although i'd then probably try to teach a history lesson when they were trying to listen to the jonas brothers)

my phone rang a few minutes after my tweet with a friend (who was standing in line to get into the youth-ball so was checking twitter to cure boredom) and was calling to let me know that his friend's boss was chaperoning the first-kids' night so if i wanted to find out he'd make some phone calls.

i love that i live in a town so inner-connected that a random twitter-thought can be answered through a friend of a friend. and love that twitter means that random fleeting thoughts of curiosity can end with almost immediate answers.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Okay, I'm heading over to your Twitter home page and try to figure out who on there is that well connected.

Angela Watson said...

Cool, you're on twitter! I just posted about this whole issue on my blog.

Glad I can follow you now in TWO places. :-)