Monday, July 15, 2019

Oh hello, ten pounds (PANDAS Mom Post)

Oh hello, ten new pounds. Nice to meet you. (I lie through my teeth). I'm desperately hoping we can keep your growth to a minimum, but you came on so fast that nothing feels guaranteed. It says something about this disease's impact on our family that I didn't gain any weight when my husband had cancer but now... 

I was initially shocked by your appearance, but then I remembered all those late night moments, standing in my kitchen, not even tasting the food. One more spoonful of Nutella will clearly fix everything in my life. Apparently this winter and spring I did an excellent job of eating my feelings.

I'm not confident that I can get you to disappear anytime soon, as that would take a cognitive load that right now is devoted to tracking my children's own nutrition intake, medication, and behavioral patterns.

And someone has to eat all the sugar and gluten-filled food that we no longer let our children eat.

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