Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth!

This time of year I can't help but think of all the families I have worked with over the years- families who just came into our country looking for a better life. They left behind their families, neighbors and comfort to come to America for all it represents. In many conferences and home visits over the years I have heard stories of what it was like "back home", where they themselves didn't have the right or opportunity to go to school. Where they never felt their children were safe, where they knew their child with a disability deserved more than what their country would offer. Where they were scared of the gangs, drugs, and violence their child would be exposed to. I have heard many reasons why these families have come to America, why they are willing to live in small apartments shared with other families they don't know, why they are willing to work so hard once they are here. All reasons come down to freedom and the American dream. 

Our country will always have issues and debates, policies that anger us and politicians to begrudge. Our ability to voice our opinions on these problems, debate them and challenge them is what makes us great and guarantees our freedom. Beyond the debates is the strength of our country. Take a moment to appreciate our political differences and be thankful we can have them.

Happy Fourth of July!

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