Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cardboard oh cardboard

This summer is quickly becoming all about the cardboard.

After wondering what to do with my poster board after my teacher research presentation I realized it was just begging to be repurposed into a castle. 

--- --- ---
Then yesterday we walked in the door and my daughter spied a massive stack of empty boxes we have to pack up our basement to get it painted. 
"A tower!" She exclaimed, "can I knock it over?"

Although my first instinct was no I realized there really wasn't a problem knocking over empty boxes as long as she didn't hit anything. We took them down to the almost empty basement and built castles to knock over. 

I'm tempted to let her paint the boxes once we've finished unpacking them and keep them for a little while so she can construct her own giant towers. Better than store bought blocks and when she's lost interest we can send them to recycling.

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