Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teacher Torture Devices

Remember these?

The Silly Bandz. 

The hot teacher-torture trend a few years ago. 

They were annoying, distracting, and constantly causing in-class squabbles.
Yet they have nothing on the latest trend- The rubber band bracelets.

This new teacher torture device involves kids coming to school with a wrist full of tiny rubber bands knitted together to form a bracelet. This bracelet can easily be pulled apart so that a child suddenly has what feels like hundreds of little bands all over his desk. Of course this only happens at the exact moment you are trying to transition the class and the student suddenly finds himself in a panic because he is worried he will lose one precious tiny rubber band. Or worse, the student becomes worried that a friend will steal the bands, which of course involves lots of yelling and "hey, that's mine! Nobody touch it!" Both scenarios ultimately ends with a total class disruption and involve a very frustrated teacher.

The amount of drama behind these bands could drive a daytime soap opera. 


Sandra said...

What's worse is I'm not completely sure those bands are latex free. With all the allergies, is it truly safe for little ones? Whose bright idea was it to market something that's potentially a choking hazard and maybe an allergen hazard to little ones? Sigh. I feel your pain! Brand bracelets have invaded my classroom too.

Anonymous said...

A teacher friend has solved this by having children hang their rubber band bracelets (and other body adornments that lead to conflict and distraction) on a peg board labeled with their names as they enter the classroom in the AM. To be reclaimed on the way out. Have to admit that when I taught young kids there were 30 and up in each room, and I just issued at rule that they could not be worn to school.

Alex T. Valencic said...

These have just this week started showing up in my classroom. They haven't been a major problem yet, but as soon as I see the first inkling of a problem I am going to put the kibosh on them!

(And since I am slightly allergic to latex, may I can use that as an excuse...)