Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Animal Research Mural

This is our class mural after we finished our animal research projects. It's one of my favorite murals from the year. Each student got to choose one animal to research using the site Pebble Go. After they did their research and answered questions about how many legs their animal has, what it eats, what kind of babies it has, and how it walks, each student wrote an "All About Book" (Think a very basic research report)

When their book was complete they were able to work make their own animals out of construction paper. It was completely free-form, as you can see. I sat with each child to help but didn't really provide any guidance and they pretty much had to do all the cutting, gluing, and planning themselves. I mean, look at that duck. That is one inspired duck. And the two sharks clearly look very different, but are both awesome. The children had to decide where their animal went on the mural based on what they learned in their research (how did their animal get around? Did it swim? Walk? Fly? Notice the duck has it's feet in the water. Very intentional.)

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Jill said...

Love this so much! I wish we had access to a site like Pebble Go. :)