Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hooray for the bathroom!

When I graduated from college I didn't expect that my degree would lead me to be sitting in the floor of a classroom bathroom coaxing a five year to use the toilet. I certainly didn't expect to be excited about it. But today after a few silly rounds of peek-a-boo with one of my friends I decided to suggest that we just go into the bathroom. You know, just to chill. Learn that it's not a scary place. Hang out. (because isn't that what we all want to do- hang out in a bathroom used by five year olds).
My friend was in such a good mood that he did it although he'd previously refused to go anywhere near the place.
Not only did he go into the bathroom but he came very, very close to actually using the bathroom. And he did this three times.
There was lots of clapping and hugging. And maybe some candy.
I never thought that I'd connect the bathroom with a Christmas miracle.


magpie said...

I hope he isn't like Randolph the brown nosed Reindeer. Once he got going he had trouble stopping. Boom boom ☺ ☺
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Mrs Lipstick and family:)

Anonymous said...

Good for you to persevere!
I'm sure his/her parents are eternally grateful for your dedication and interest in completing the job that began at home.
What a miracle!