Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybe the public doesn't hate us...

The 2011 Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll came out this week and it turns out that while the media has portrayed us public school teachers as public enemy number 1, the actual public doesn't see it that way.

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Most people still believe that teaching is an important career.  In fact, 76% of people felt that high achieving high school students should go into teaching. 71% trust us as teachers.

73% believe teachers should have flexibility when planning their curriculum as opposed to using a prescribed curriculum.

Surprise, surprise, most people have seem more negative portrayals of schools in the media than positive portrayals. I'm starting to think that the media is our children's biggest enemy. I guess portraying teachers as lazy and dumb sells, but I'm glad the public hasn't totally bought it.

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magpie said...

What I've noticed over the last ten years in Australia is the Government's inability to cope with the rise in depressed patients in the health system.
Teachers are increasingly being relied on by the government to ensure people remain positive about their outlook on life. Be the best you can takes on a more important meaning in people's lives every day.