Monday, April 4, 2011

petting farms vs the zoo

We're going to the zoo in a week. It's all anyone in the kindergarten hallway can talk about. You can only imagine the excitement. On Friday Pixie informed me with great authority that she couldn't wait to go to the zoo because she was going to pet the lions and the tigers.
When I informed her that this wouldn't happen she quickly replied that oh no, remember our field trip to the farm? Well, at the farm she got to pet the goats.
 This is true. And she didn't just pet the goat, she "hugged" it in a choke hold and kissed it after it licked her face.
For a moment a vivid scene ran through  my head of her trying to recreate this event with the lion.
I explained the difference between the zoo and the farm.

"Ok" she nodded, "Next week I'm going to the zoo and all I'm going to pet is the seal." 

Pixie and I are going to be attached at the hip for the zoo, like white on rice. Fingers crossed that I don't end up on the news as the teacher who couldn't keep the five year old from leaping into the lion's den.


grrlpup said...

I think our zoo here in Portland has a petting exhibit with farm animals. Now I know why! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but no. Petting farms are notorious e.coli factories.
Plenty of hand sanitizer for you OC lady.

Anonymous said...

Just a few "advisories"--the kids farm is still open, but will close by the end of the summer due to lack of funding.
The seal and sea lion exhibit is closed due to construction.
The baby lions (all 7 of them) are out from 11-2, weather you will want to be sure to be at lion/tiger hill during that time.
The most likely time to see orangs up on the O-line is 10:30-11..


organized chaos said...

Karen- thanks for the great tips!

Susan Mason said...

We are going to go to the zoo next month. In the fall, we had visited McCray's Farm and the children did get to pet many of the animals. I had not thought of warning them about the difference. Thanks for the head's up. I hope you and your class have a great time at the zoo.