Tuesday, February 22, 2011

um, ouch

"So, you're a lawyer" the lab technician assigned to take my blood asked brusquely as he prepared his equipment.
"No," I laughed, "I'm just dressed this way because I had an important meeting.  I teach special education" I added proudly.
"Special education?" the already scowling man seemed to furrow his brow even more. "There is nothing wrong with those children," he began as he shoved the needle into my arm. "You people want to make them out to be different than everyone else, give them special labels and medicine and there is nothing wrong with them."

I sat, mute, while he continued to draw my blood. I considered defending myself, my kids, and my profession, but I realized the precarious situation I was in. The man was holding a needle in my arm and was not being overly gentle about it.

"With my daughter, it was all her mother's fault," he went on, "I told the school if they said she was special ed I would sue them"
He yanked the needle from my arm and I pulled my arm back to safety. Again, I considered a defense, but realized he was now holding a vile of my blood.  He could magically lose it and force me to come back to re-live this experience. I meekly (and shamefully) nodded in agreement, gathered my things and left.

From the hallway I continued to hear, "This country! So quick to medicate every child, drug them up, throw them away...."  I walked faster.

Perhaps if I hadn't corrected his assumption that I was a lawyer the whole experience would have been far more pleasant.  Then again, maybe he was hoping to ask my advice on suing his school...


magpie said...

My first lecturer in special education showed us his special trick for these situations.

He proudly pointed to this imaginary button and said whenever anyone says...WHEN I WAS AT SCHOOL...you simply push this button and POW they disappear. In other words, you ignore, count to 10, or in your case recognise the danger of continuing a conversation.☺☺☺

Kris Amundson said...

As someone who has recently had a GALLON of blood drawn for a variety of reasons (I exaggerate, but only slightly), I believe you made the wise course. I used to go to a very conservative dentist who would wait until my mouth was full of equipment and then start to discuss politics. I never actually bit him, but I was tempted.