Thursday, October 15, 2009

amazing, incredible, awe struck

i've decided that i clearly need new words in my vocabulary to begin to describe the experience of machu picchu. around every turn i found myself repeating the same generic words over and over again, which it is the kind of sight that should inspire whole new words created out of the air.

experiences like this always make me wish i was 7 and had a vivid imagination. then again, if i was 7 and playing in the many, many stone structures it may have been impossible to get me to leave.

we're currently waiting for our train to take us back to cusco.

earlier today we passed a little girl sitting outside her mother's shop, working hard on her math. peter must have felt me slowing down because he leaned over and whispered, keep walking, you can't teach her. we're on vacation.

yes, this is true, but after a week of not teaching i start to try to pull little kids aside and teach them to read for the fun of it. maybe i'm going through withdraw.

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